Moving Space: From Sediva Abroad to Beyond

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Haaay friend! I have some big news for you. And some serious gratitude. And some apologies as well. See, I was going to simply walk away from this space (in fact, in a lot of ways, I have just walked away) as I start a new project (that I’m ridiculously excited for). But it occurred to me that after spending so many years with you on this space, you’d come back to check it. And you did. And so many others did, too. … Continue Reading »

Finding Clarity: A Self-Made Miracle for Reducing Stress and Frustration

Feeling apathetic, impotent, lethargic, like you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing or even, if we’re being really existential, why you’re here – these all have one theme in common. You feel foggy. As a college graduate and someone who followed a prescribed map for the first years of my life – high school, college, beyond – I am no stranger to feeling that overwhelming what-the-heck-is-happening feeling or its friend, what-the-heck-am-I-even-supposed-to-be-doing, and, of course, their bitch, how-the-heck-am-I-even-supposed-to-DO-whatever-it-is-I’m-supposed-to-be-doing. I’ve been there. It … Continue Reading »

We’re Moving! Follow Sediva Abroad on her Next Journey

I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, stressed, fearful, depressed, and so many other negative emotions. And I think a lot of you probably are, too. But if I’m honest with myself and with you, I will admit that all of these negative emotions come to me directly from me. What do I mean by that? Well, basically that whenever I feel overwhelmed by all the work I have to do, it’s usually because I myself have piled the work on. If I … Continue Reading »

Can’t Reach Your Goals? How to Love Yourself and Achieve Anything

Life Gets Better When You Love Yourself || Sediva Abroad

So you can’t seem to get anything done. Maybe you’re applying for job after job with no luck. Maybe you can’t seem to finish reading that book that you started ages ago. Maybe you must can’t get your sorry person off Reddit. Maybe you have a pile of donations in the corner that you’ve never taken out (me too!), or maybe you just can’t seem to finish that business plan for your dream business. Gosh, it’s annoying, isn’t it? Why can’t everything just be … Continue Reading »

Imagine: How to Inspire Yourself


For storytellers and children, the imagination is for perceiving not only the make-believe but also the possible. But we dismiss it as impossible. Be real with me. How often do you tell someone your “random goal” and after they say, “Well, that’s cool,” you reply with a dismissive, “Eh, it won’t happen anyway”? BOOM. You just dismissed your dreams, yo. We dismiss our dreams as impossible, as silly imaginings left over from our less mature, childish selves. But the reality is that if … Continue Reading »

Follow Your Bliss: How to Live a Purpose-Driven Life and Improve Your Mental Health

Follow Your Bliss, Motivational Monday from and

Happiness is found by following your bliss. I call it living Real Life, but it’s also been termed finding your purpose, following your bliss, and many other things besides. Many of us will choose career paths, temporary job situations, universities, and so many other opportunities over other opportunities because we’re trying to be grown-ups and live “real life”. But Real Life is following your bliss. It is living your purpose. It means giving value to the world. It involves following your gut. It doesn’t … Continue Reading »

Owning Your Home: How to Invest Time and Love the Space You’re In

Owning Your Home and Enjoying Your Space

*This is a sponsored post by Ocean Loans to showcase some Insta-snaps of my home this Winter. All opinions are entirely my own* I dare you to look up the weather for Cork City, Ireland right now. You can check out this website and read the weather and the forecast for any part of Ireland. Go ahead and do it because it can be very humorous. “Tomorrow will be a cloudy, misty and mild day with outbreaks of rain and drizzle…” Oh, how quaint.  Apparently the temperature … Continue Reading »

Coffee Heals My Soul: Motivational Monday

Coffee Heals My Soul and Opens My Eyes handlettering quote

Oh, a writer and her coffee! And that is all. Happy Monday, loves x   *This mug is not for sale. The design is (c) Sarah Elizabeth Lahoud, as per usual* xx 

Sunday Inspirations || 31 January 2016

Sunday Inspirations and Fun Reads from Sediva Abroad

Don’t you just love cuddling up on Sundays and relaxing? Me too! There were so many great posts shared around the webiverse this week, but in the midst of work and every other bit of hustling, I haven’t gotten to read as much as I wanted. SO TODAY’S THE DAY, PEOPLE! Grab a coffee, a duvet, and some cuddles, and get reading and inspired. Happy Sunday! x Are You Powerful? Four Ways to Own Your Power. I shared this post last Tuesday, which was followed … Continue Reading »

Wander + Explore: Motivational Monday

Wander and Explore Beautiful Words Inspirational Quote Motivational Monday

Pretty words, amiright? Do they make you feel all rugged and epic, like you’re Indiana Jones or something? This cute phrase is a big favorite of all of us. Seriously, search this quote on Pinterest, and the pins will be epically endless. It’s pretty, travel-minded, and just sounds good when you say it out loud (I’ll wait while you try it…). But what does it really mean? Wandering is aimless. It indicates being lost, but happily so. Wanderers are not lost in the sense … Continue Reading »

My Rings are My Tattoos


Most of my friends until very recently were dancers. *Just to declare, I don’t not have any dancer friends anymore. I mean that I used to know no one besides dancers!* And dancers all have two things in common: a sense that the body is a place for expression and a very powerful and thoughtful need to express. That’s all a lot of pretty words to say that a) dancers are just awesome people (shameless plug) and b) that a lot of my college friends … Continue Reading »

Are You Powerful? Four Ways to Own Your Power

are you powerful? 4 ways to own your power

A better question might be this: are you good enough? We’re all talking goals and resolutions these days. There’s a dozen Internet celebrities preaching the doctrine of personal power and owning your power, not to mention the classic Oprah, better known as the queen of motivational speaking. We’re all buying into different versions of the ideas that we deserve abundance, beautiful lives, and all our goals and dreams coming true, that we deserve 6-figure salaries, and that anything is possible. And then we sit … Continue Reading »